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If a patient reports any of these adverse reactions to the pharmacy, the pharmacist shall immediately contact the patient’s physician, report the adverse reaction(s), and obtain instructions from the physician who may recommend discontinuing the medication or modifying the dose. The pharmacist shall also advice the patient to contact his/her physician immediately and report any adverse reactions. Call 9-1-1 if the reaction is severe.

You may lodge a complaint without concern for reprisal, discrimination, or unreasonable interruption of service. To place a grievance, please call (877) 658-9196 and speak to customer services. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within 5 working days, you may initiate a fonnal grievance, in writing and forward it to the Governing Body. You can expect a written response within 14 working days or receipt.

You may also make inquiries or complaints about this pharmacy by calling Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) at 919-785-1214 and/or the Delaware Board of Pharmacy at

In the event of a recalled, discontinued, expired, damaged, contaminated, unacceptable, and counterfeit drug product, staff pharmacists, the patient, and patient's physician shall be notified immediately (the pharmacist will be notified by email and group meeting, physicians and patients will be notified by email and telephone). The patient will be given instructions as to the proper disposal of the recalled medications in accordance with FDA recommendations available at FDA Safe Disposal of Unused Medicines

The pharmacy will remove recalled or unacceptable inventory that is in the process of being shipped or awaiting pick up, and place the inventory in quarantine. This includes prescriptions filled for recalled or unacceptable drugs that are in the process of packaging for shipment or waiting for the common carrier to pick up.

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Pharmacy Standard Services

  • Drug utilization review
  • Drug chart audits
  • Complete psychotropic monitoring
  • Clozaril® lab monitoring & Clozaril clinic
  • Med room audits
  • Direct counseling of patients

Medication Fill Options Include:

  • On-Demand
  • Cycles Fills – 7, 28 and 30 day
  • Weekly and bi-weekly cycle options
  • Emergency Fill


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