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About RefillRx

With RefillRx you are able to perform the following functions:

  • Submit requests for prescriptions
  • View the status of prescriptions requests
  • View and print patient education leaflets

Using RefillRx

  • Obtain your RefillRx Patient Identification Number from  Radius Rx Direct.
  • Click on the RefillRx link on the Radius Rx Direct web site.
  • Enter your RefillRx ID at the bottom of the home page and press enter or click the send button.
  • To view drug information for a prescription, click on the drug name.
  • To view label information for a prescription, click on the Rx Number.

RefillRx Prescription Pad

The RefillRx Prescription Pad allows physicians to submit fills to the pharmacy. Radius Rx Direct will provide you with a special Doctor Identification Number that allows you access to the Online Pharmacy. You will also need your Patient RefillRx ID number. The Patient ID will allow you to view your patients profile information.

RefillRx Reminder Service The RefillRx Reminder service sends you a refill reminder message via e-mail at least 5 days prior to any upcoming refill.

Your email address is considered highly confidential and will not be distributed. To sign up for the service, fill in the email text box located at the end of your Personal Rx Profile and click the Update EMAIL button.

To cancel the service, clear the email address and click the Update EMAIL button.


Pharmacy Standard Services

  • Drug utilization review
  • Drug chart audits
  • Complete psychotropic monitoring
  • Clozaril® lab monitoring & Clozaril clinic
  • Med room audits
  • Direct counseling of patients

Medication Fill Options Include:

  • On-Demand
  • Cycles Fills – 7, 28 and 30 day
  • Weekly and bi-weekly cycle options
  • Emergency Fill